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Where is Dimitris now...

I AM NOW IN: PERU (updated: 1 October 2010)


I have spent more than 1.400 days of travelling around the world. Many of you must be confused about my destinations so far. You can see the countries I have visited so far on the map.

The story of the journey

Part one: April 2006 - November 2006

My journey started from Athens on the 1st of April 2006. My first destination was Madrid, Spain. I reached Latin America on the 6th of April 2006. This is when I first arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From there I wandered all over Argentina, apart from the North West part of the country. I visited Patagonia, Chile for a while and then entered Argentina again.

From Argentina, I went to Uruguay where I wandered all over the country. My next destination was Brazil, where I travelled as far as Rio de Janeiro. I plan to travel to the rest of Brazil in August 2010.

From the Brazilian capital, I went to Paraguay. I stayed in Paraguay for 30 days and then went back to Buenos Aires, to travel to Athens, in November 2006.

Part two: February 2007 - June 2008

I left Athens again in January 2007. My destination was Cuba, where I arrived through Amsterdam, Holland. I wanted to make haste travelling to Cuba, in fear that Fidel would die and I wouldn’t experience the Castro era. I stayed in Cuba for 42 days. From there, I went to Mexico. I travelled around central and southern Mexico.

I plan to travel to Northern Mexico some time in 2010, when I will end with this part off the world.

From Mexico, I went to Beliz. From Beliz I travelled to Guatemala and then to Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. With a sailboat I travelled from Panama to Colombia, where I stayed for 10 days. I will visit Colombia again in April 2010.

From Bogota – the Colombian capital – I travelled to Madrid and from there, after visiting the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey I found myself back to Greece, in June 2008.

I stayed in Athens for 8 months, in an effort to find sponsors. Due to financial problems godimitris almost came to a halt. I chose to continue my effort though. Despite the problems, I worked on the new Godimitris webpage, the first book of Godimitris, on Cuba, was published and I edited 25 video reportages, some of which you can watch in the new site. I also undertook a mission to New Zealand (August 2008), which I visited twice during that period. Because of the above mentioned, I stopped travelling for a great amount of time. I didn’t manage to find any sponsors or financial support and I had to borrow money again, to realise the third part of the journey.

Part three: February 2009 - until today...

I arrived to Santiago, Chile in February 2009. I travelled from one part of Chile to the other – almost 4.000 km. I found myself back in Patagonia and then travelled to Peru. The webpage was not properly functioning during that period; many stories are not published on the site, only a few of them.

The rest of the stories will be added when my travelling in Latin America will be concluded, somewhere in October 2010. From Chile I went back to Argentina. There are no stories from Argentina either, because that is where the flu found me. It tortured me for 21 days, since I went through it alone, without medical help. I have no medical insurance for such cases, so I cope with every problem alone.

I am in Lima Peru now (20 December 2009) and then I will visit Bolivia and then Ecuador.

My goal in the third phase of the journey is to travel to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Surinam, Guinea, French Guinea, some Caribbean islands, get to Colombia again and conclude my journey in Latin America, with a last visit to Brazil.

As far as the fourth phase of the journey is concerned, I still don’t know where it will take me. My goal is to travel to every corner of the planet, not as a tourist or as a passer by, but experiencing every country as much as I can.

How much this will take me, I also don’t know. Considering it took me four years to travel in Latin and Central America, I may need about ten years for the whole journey. So, God may help…

I wish us all to have great journeys…

Don’t forget. Get your sack and come travel with me…

Grab a rucksack and join me…

Τι ώρα είναι στην Ελλάδα;
Days around the World