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More than 2.400 media wrote about godimitris

From its beginning until today,godimitris has a steady, permanent and developing media presence in Greece, Cyprus and throughout the world. In this section we gathered some of these newspaper, magazine, Internet articles etc and present them to you. godimitris site has a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Skype. The login name is: godimitris.


There has been dozens of interviews in television stations in Greece, Cyprus and Latin American countries. Among them, godimitris was presented at the ET1 (Hellenic Nacional Television), ET2 and ET3 with an hourly program dedicated to the site. ERT world has dedicated a 90minute program to the site. It was also presented in Mega TV (at the morning news program and at the Protagonistes program), in Ant1 television and at many television stations. It was also presented at the Cypriot Channel Sigma and in main television stations in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico.


There have been 300 interviews for radio stations around the world. Namely for ERA Greece, Second Program, ERA 5, Skai Radio, Flash Radio, Ant1 Radio, Melodia Station, Alpha Radio, Athens984, Radio Thessaloniki and at many other.Dimitris had a weekly collaboration with the greatest radio station in Cyprus Radio Proto. godimitris was presented – through interviews from Dimitris – in dozens of radio stations in Ushuaia Argentina, Australia, USA and many stations in Latin and Central America.


There have been over 500 newspaper articles in Greece, Cyprus and other countries for godimitris, as well as stories from the Athens News Agency and the Spanish News Agency. Stories and interviews from godimitris were published by most of the local press in Greece, at the main newspapers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus. There have also been dozens of publications on godimitris in Australia, Asia, USA and Latin America.


Many magazines have published stories on godimitris, Among them Vmen from the Vima paper, Big Fish of the Proto Thema newspaper, the magazine of the National Herald in New York, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs magazine, the German youth magazine 2 Opsis and many other magazines published by members of the Greek Diaspora or dedicated to them.


There have been thousands of references in other Internet sites from all over the world to Godimitris. Original stories or stories reproduced from newspapers articles, or through the News Agencies were presented at many sites. has also been “adopted” by many blogs.

Other Media

I spot daily fresh articles on Godimitris, so I created this section were all these stories will be collected. I have to thank Enimerosi for their help in gathering the stories and for offering their sponsorship in this section. If you see or hear about a publication on Godimitris, please inform me using, so that it can be put in this “Clippings” section.


If you wish to read publications on godimitris, please click the Greek flag tag, on the top left of the page. You can find some of the articles or television presentations of godimitris there.

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