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The journey

Around the world since 2006

This trip lasts so far for more than three years. Although not enough time to visit all the places around the world. I will need probably more time, maybe years. Lets see…

The first period was in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil. Then I went back to Greece for a while to try to find a job so I could continue this journey. But nothing…

The second period lasted 18 months, around Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia. Then I went again back for a break to Greece.

Now I am at the third period of this journey. I started in February 2009 going first to Chile. From there to Peru and I will visit all the rest countries of Latin America. Maybe until September 2010. We will see.

Visit every day and in the Greek version you can see on line where I am. The translations of my stories in English will appear a few days after. But you can read all the previous stories.   

Do you know that you already speak Greek?

With this motto I started in April  2006 a journey wandering around the planet. I will be travelling from one country to the other, to every corner of this world, to remind to the citizens of this world that they already speak Greek, though they may not know it yet.

Whichever country you may come from, you surely use words like, for instance:  telephone, music, cosmos, philosophy, democracy, planet, tourist, bomb, idea... Did you know that these words are Greek?

Do you know that one out of every four English words comes from Greek and that not only European but also Asian and African languages have resorted to the wealth of the Greek vocabulary to cover their linguistic needs?

So, are you sure that you have never spoken or even speak Greek?

If, to quote the German philosopher Wittgenstein, «the limits of my world are the limits of my language» then why not reach my limits? Travel from Patagonia to Alaska, from Africa and Australia to Siberia?

This journey is a challenge. Both for me and for you.

Personally, I will attempt to carry off an unfulfilled and, for many, even utopian dream. You will discover how many things in common you have with Greece, its civilization, its history and of course, that you have been using Greek in your everyday life.

We will share images, experiences, myths, tastes, customs, friends, words, destinations. We will find out that all the things that bring us closer are many more than those that drift us apart. We are all living in one big global village!

Looking for... lost Greeks

The same time, I am searching for… lost Greeks. If you think that you are related with a Greek family, please let me know.

Already I found many families that now are in contact with their lost family in Greece.

Join me!

Yes, you can grab your bag and come to travel with me for a few days. Already more than 20 readers of decided and came with me. Some from USA, others from Europe or Japan. So if you are inspired with this trip, don’t think about it. Write me and meet me somewhere in the world and be a part of this journey…

So, join me in the rhythm of the cosmos.

The sky is the limit!


Τι ώρα είναι στην Ελλάδα;
Days around the World